Why Cyprus?

There is a list of financial and non-financial reasons, in summary, why a foreign investor or businessman would select Cyprus as his next destination for registering a company and form an entrepreneurial base for activities:

  • Favourable tax framework with a wide network of Double Tax Treaties.
  • Member of the European Union.
  • Member of the uro-zone.
  • High quality of support services from professionals.
  • Excellent network of logistics services and shipping connections.
  • The strategic location of the island at the far south-east side of Mediterranean is acting as a ‘gate’ between Asia, Africa and Europe.
  • Reliable and efficient banking system.
  • Absence of exchange controls.
  • A legal framework which is based on the British model and the English language being widely spoken.
  • Reasonably low operational costs.
  • High standard of living and good foreign schools and a high standard of medical care.
  • Frequent network of airline connections.
  • Excellent telecommunications.
  • Excellent road communication all over the island.
  • Availability of skilled labour force and high educational level of the population.
  • Warm culture, buzzing social life and excellent gastronomy.
  • Excellent weather conditions all year round.