VIES & Intrastat

Traders involved in the import and export of goods and/or services within the E.U. have responsibilities in both VIES and INTRASTAT regimes. Both regimes entail periodic submission by importers and exporters of certain information to VIMA about their trade with other EU countries. Non compliance will lead to serious recurring penalties.

As regards VIES, there is no threshold. Each VAT registered trader who zero-rates goods and services to another VAT registered trader in another EU Member State must submit a VIES Statement regardless of value. As regards INTRASTAT, the thresholds, which trigger the obligation to make the more detailed monthly return, are currently €100,000 for Arrivals (Imports) and €55,000 for Dispatches. 

Our office has both the expertise and the experience to fulfill relevant registrations to VIES and INTRASTAT, prepare periodic returns and submit them to the authorities.